Meet a passionate and smart company who thinks...

Meet a passionate and smart company who thinks...


The most advanced system for building Web Apps

Stop writing code, start dragging it. We are proud of what we have created for you, the first advanced IDE to create Web Applications adapted to any screen and device without the need to write a single line of html. It's built for today's web developer, provides a new way to create applications by establishing the concept of "atomic and reactive system". It was never so easy to create, simply drag the item and define their behavior. You will have fun creating a unique identity for your app, all using the latest advanced techniques.


Find out how to add soul to your apps.

App/nima borns from the need of being more efficient and the desire to develop only the business features of our new product and no more the horizontal logic.

  • OAuth 2 services for authentication
  • User management'
  • User social network'
  • Messaging service (emails, SMS, calls & private messages).
  • Geolocate services (users & places)
  • Real-time communications via sockets
  • Push notifications for iOS & Android.
  • Email Newsletter & Support platform.
  • Users behaviour and analytics.


A HTML5 framework for your mobile applications

Lungo supports open web standards, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It brings consistent browser environment across mobiles, tvs and desktop devices. Forget heavy and old frameworks, you develop apps for actual devices. Take advantage of it! and let Lungo offers you a simple and fun way to create.

There are many ways to develop apps, and not always is optimized. Lungo offers you a robust API so you can have complete control of your app. Create apps for each platform is hard, this situation is increased by the arrival of new devices. Lungo will suit all of them creating a unique and amazing UX.


JavaScript Library that simplifies your mobile projects

Is a micro, modular, Object-Oriented and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, and Ajax interactions for rapid mobile web development. It allows you to write powerful, flexible and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented and micro coherent API.

Current JavaScript libraries hate mobile, they are very big libraries that were built based on requirements of desktop devices, so mobile performance isn't optimal. Doesn't have a good support to touch events or a semantic API that would help the developer to create a good & cool JavaScript.


Just worry about creating responsive and extensible sites easily.

The premise is to use as much as possible the features of the latest CSS3 specification. Don't try to use Tuktuk in your hated IE6. The purpose is to encourage code reuse plus faster and more efficient stylesheets that are easier to add to and maintain. Not trying to compete with Bootstrap or Foundation because they play in another league. Just worry about creating responsive and fully extensible sites easily.


A node.js server build specifically to build efficient REST services

We know that Node.js has become the backend technology of the time, all the big guys are using it. That's the reason because why we created YOI, you can build your own services from the first minute using our stack: Mongo, Redis, Appnima, CI, crons ... all of them with the simple premise "configure better than code". Whether you're a developer who has never worked with Node.js or already an kungfu-master-expert, we invite you to try YOI another way to develop web services for worldwide.


MVC Framework for write amazing Web Apps with CoffeeScript

Made to work seamlessly with CoffeeScript, a simple and elegant language. With Monocle all your applications will be pure verbosity and poetry. If you also want to use me in old-school mode with the all powerful of JavaScript.

With Monocle you have a simple and powerful structure to make the most of your web applications. An application consists of three work contexts: Model, View and Controller, developers usually call it the MVC pattern. These three contexts are equally important and each has its full integrity giving responsibility to your application.


We work with startups and established companies to think, design and build products.

Share and enjoy, we love working with other startups and studios. We want to collaborate with you and make your clients smile.

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A smart company who thinks, designs and builds products with a amazing user experience.

Founded in 2011, since then we’ve launched products for developers around the world. Fueled by creativity, the people that make up tapquo are the type of folks you'd pick first for a recess kickball game. In our code tribe are six developers, three in frontend, two in backend, one craftsman and all are passionated with the 'clean-code'.

'Share and enjoy, we love working with other startups and studios. We want to collaborate with you and make your clients smile. Got a new project?'

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